Young at Art

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Young at Art. A place for fun filled, creative learning! We specialise in Preschool Enrichment Programs that are Arts centred and holistic. Children love coming to us because we cater to each individual child's learning needs. Parents love us for our never ending commitment in caring for children. All our classrooms are happy classrooms with lots of fun and laughter! Drop by for a visit! 





                                                          MANDARIN LITERACY

                                                          Bollywood Dance

                                                          Hip Hop Dance

                                                          Creative Ballet 

Phonics, Reading and Writing 

Young Artist 

Specially designed for children from 18 months to 12 years old. 

Young Doodler : For 18 months to 3 years old

Sensory activities that include fine and gross motor skills. They will learn about colour, texture and more while experimenting with new, engaging materials. 

Young Artist: 4-12 years old

Develop new skills and talents while designing unique creations using a variety of wonderful materials. Each class focuses upon developing skills, learning techniques and expanding self confidence. Young Artists develop:

  • Artistic skills and craftsmanship
  • Knowledge of artistic styles and art history
  • Self expression

Early Childhood Development Class


(18 months onwards)

Our Program is all about playful learning activities that will include learning areas such as Language & Literacy, Numeracy, Social & Emotional Development, Art, Music, Gross Motor Development & Discovery of the world. 

In addition. The children are given the opportunity to acquire skills for future independence, such as self help skills in matters of feeding themselves and even taking care of their belongings. They also learn to manage their emotions and relate to their peers .in positive, co-operative and constructive ways.  

Speech & Drama in English/Mandarin

This Creative Drama programme aims to inspire children through drama. Using drama as a tool, this programme provides children with useful life skills in communication, social interaction and creative thinking. Children will participate in an variety of fun-filled activities while exploring famous children's literature.
During this programme, children will be highly involved in creative drama activities that develop speaking skills, build confidence, enhance early social skills and promote creative learning.

Bollywood Dance & Hip Hop Dance 

New classes starting in March 2021! 

Dance classes specially designed for kids from the age of 4-12 years of age. 

Our Program introduces children to dance and movement using the natural actions of the body such as running, walking, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping. It is structured to aid children’s physical development, coordination, spatial awareness, sensory development, creativity and self-expression, working individually, with a partner, or as a group.

Creative Ballet

Our Creative Ballet program is recommended for little ones who love to twirl and leap. It offers a fun, guided way for children aged 3-12 to explore dance through classes that encourage an exploration of movement in a safe and non-competitive environment. Our trained staff introduces children to basic dance steps while developing motor skills, strength, balance and flexibility. We also work on social skills such as taking turns and following directions, as well as musicality, creativity, and joy in movement